Pangoal Think Tank
Date:2021-03-09 17:10

Established in 2013, the Pangoal Institution is a public policy research institute that is largely funded by young Chinese scholars. As a China-based public policy think tank, the Pangoal Institution practices the philosophy of “pursuing harmony between nature and humankind, and applying knowledge for public policy solutions,” adheres to the attitudes of “Objectiveness, Openness, Inclusiveness” and devotes itself to global governance, the national research and civil diplomacy along the BRI countries and regions, regional high-quality development, aging society, digital economy and social governance, macroeconomics and finance, etc., serving the national policies.

The Pangoal Institution headquartered in Beijing with offices in Changsha, Hohhot, Xi 'an, Changchun and other places. As one of the most influential social think tanks in China, Pangoal has established more than 10 research centers, benefits from the wisdom of about 400 prestigious scholars and professionals from the government, think tanks and business community both at home and abroad, held more than 400 high-level international forums including "Xiangshan Global Think-Tank Forum""Belt and Road Initiative High-Level Conference""Sino-Korea Strategic Dialogue""Aging Society 30 Forum" and "AI Salon", more than 900 seminars, 1200 internal brainstorming. More than 150 public reports have been released. Many former political leaders and senior scholars in various fields have visited Pangoal and deeply participated in its communication and construction.

The Pangoal Institution is a Chinese Council Member of the BRICS Think Tank, and a Council Member of the Silk Road Think Tank Association both led by the International Department of the CCCPC, Council Member of the American Studies Think-tank Cooperation of the Ministry of Finance, PRC, as well as the cooperative advisory units of a number of ministries and local government. It is ranked as one of the Best Think Tanks in Asia by the University of Pennsylvania’s Global Go To Think Tank Index Report in recent years. And its ranks first in many domestic think-tank rankings of the most influential social think-tanks.

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