Qianlong Think Tank
Date:2021-03-09 16:34

Qianlong Think Tank is an integrated think tank built by Qianlong.com in consideration of the research of public opinion trends and strategies for political, economic, and social development. Now, it is growing into a new type of think tank endowed with global perspective, national thinking, capital awareness, and Internet characteristics.

Making the best of the strong advantage of the platform Qianlong.com, a “new mainstream network media”, premised on the Internet and surpassing the Internet, regarding the export of intellectual services as the principal business, aiming to serve the decision-making of all walks of life at all levels, with public opinion and practical practice as the main research objects, Qianlong Think Tank conducts targeted, operational, forward-looking, and early-warning research to come up with high-quality new thoughts, new views, new theories, and new knowledge, work out professional, constructive and referential decision-making suggestions, give full play to the vital functions of guiding public opinions, giving suggestion and opinions on political affairs, making theoretical innovation, rendering social services, etc., render intellectual services for the decision-making of Party committees and governments, and provide consulting services for the development of enterprises and industries.

Currently, Qianlong Think Tank consists of Comprehensive Public Opinion Product Development Center, Ideological Public Opinion Research Center, All-Media Data Monitoring Research and Development Center, and Think Tank Editorial Department, and insists on the development mode of “one targeting and four new types”. The “one targeting” refers to carrying out consulting research services on public opinion, application and countermeasures, and decision-making by aiming at the new situation and new trends, keeping close to the real and new needs of society, and focusing on the trends of public opinion and the practical hot issues and frontier trends in political, economic, and social development; the “four new types” refers to manufacturing “new products” and offering “new services” by “new methods” to expand “new opening”.

The “new method” refers to enhancing the level of professionalism and quality of technologies of research results by utilizing a fully functional information collection and analysis system, constantly exploring new research and analysis methods, and innovating and building analysis tools with mathematical models, supplemented by questionnaires and other means.

Relying on the all-media public opinion data monitoring technology platform, referring to traditional analysis methods, and making innovations on the strength of digital technology, Qianlong Think Tank has built the “comprehensive public opinion analysis index model” and “ideological public opinion research index platform” based on Internet big data, forming an analysis and research method combining technical model and human brain analysis, thus improving the pre-judgment level and social service function of research results.

The “new product” refers to the intelligent product that accurately connects the needs, provides analysis and research based on Internet big data, offers arguments that are comprehensive and incisive, and reflects the distinctive style of network expression, and are accurately “launched” to the demand side.

Qianlong Think Tank has produced diversified research products such as public opinion early warning products, public opinion express products, public opinion special report products, industrial public opinion products, project report products, ideological public opinion products, theoretical viewpoint products, “reference leaflet”, and public communication products, etc.

On the basis of analysis and research of Internet big data, supplemented by empirical data from offline research, some products integrate online languages, empirical data, and expert opinions into one, thus reflecting more practical value and reference value.

The “new service” refers to constantly innovating the supply mechanism of think tank products, rendering diversified services such as customization and direct supply to satisfy multi-level and multi-faceted needs.

Qianlong Think Tank takes over decision-making demand projects, engages in decision-making consulting services, continuously expands the channels for transformation of think tank achievements, and offers reference for Central Committee’s decision-making via relevant channels.

Relying on Qianlong.com, Qianlong Think Tank releases public information of the think tank, and introduces the value of mainstream ideas.

Qianlong Think Tank has built an integrated professional service system such as crisis warning, public opinion judgment, response and disposal, and reputation repair. It is in possession of eight public opinion service advantages, six basic public opinion services, ten special public opinion products and six professional service platforms.

Besides, it has established the WeChat official accounts of “Qianlong Think Tank” and “Reference Leaflet”, offering services for relevant central departments and several committees, offices, and bureaus in Beijing.

The “new opening” means taking the road of “inviting in and going out” to run a think tank through open cooperation, reinforcing cooperation with authoritative research institutions such as universities and research institutes, establishing cooperation with decision-making departments such as Party committees and governments, interacting closely with industries, setting up joint research institutes, jointly organizing workshops, seminars, publishing results and other activities, and carrying out collaborative innovation.

Based on Qianlong.com, Qianlong Think Tank has set up three open platforms for the public: an open third-party decision-making consultation platform, an open online and offline research and big data analysis platform, and an open platform to inspire people’s intelligence, so as to interact with mainstream social groups in real time.

Qianlong Think Tank has established cooperative relations with China Statistical Information Service Center (CSISC), and by relying on the New Media Literacy College of Qianlong.com, it has established cooperative relations with the Youth League Committee of School of Journalism & Communication of Peking University, School of Journalism and Communication of Tsinghua University, Media Investigation Laboratory of Tsinghua, School of Journalism and Communication of Renmin University of China and other universities.

Our website is: http://www.qianlong.com/