2021 ZGC Global High-Level Think Tank Alliance Cou
Date:2021-10-13 16:45

Speech by Zheng Huanmin

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23 newly elected director units of ZGCTA

3 newly elected vice director-general units of ZGCTA

On September 23, ZGC Global High-level Think Tank Alliance for Science and Technology Innovation (hereinafter referred to as "ZGCTA") held the 2021 ZGC Global High-Level Think Tank Alliance Council Meeting and the Second Session of the 1st Director-General Meeting. The conference was hosted by Think Tank Alliance and prepared by the Training Center for "Belt and Road" International Sci-Tech Cooperation, Beijing Academy of Science and Technology. Representatives of 41 ZGCTA units from 8 countries such as China, the United States, France, Germany, Japan, Israel and Serbia attended the conference. Due to the epidemic prevention and control, the meeting was held online with simultaneous interpretation in Chinese and English. The meeting was hosted by the Secretariat of ZGCTA, the head of the Training Center for "Belt and Road" International Sci-Tech Cooperation and the director of the International and Regional Cooperation Center, Beijing Academy of Science and Technology.

Firstly, Zheng Huanmin, Director - General of the ZGCTA and President of Beijing Academy of Sciences, delivered an opening speech. He pointed out that the accelerated expansion of ZGCTA Team benefited from everyone's recognition, attention and participation in the purpose of the alliance, which will be the driving force for the further development and growth of ZGCTA. It is hoped that through this meeting, we will actively explore the mechanism of sharing information, resources and achievements, and achieve interoperability, interconnection, mutual learning, mutual reference and win-win cooperation within the alliance. Moreover, we shall concentrate on the needs of the people, the country and the world, constantly improve the service abilities of Science and Technology Innovation Think Tank, strive to create a good and open scientific ecological environment, so as to make new and greater contributions to better handling the common human challenges such as health and ecological environment, and promoting the transformation of economic and social development to high quality.

Next, Li Junkai, Secretariat of ZGCTA, reported on the "2021 Work Report and 2022 Work Plan", and introduced the alliance's extensive work and achievements in setting up publicity platform, gathering high-level talents, and innovating the collaborative cooperation model of production, university and research. In 2022, ZGCTA will carry out work in building a one-stop integrated ZGCTA service platform, launching brand service activities, organizing high-level joint research, exploring sustainable development path for the ZGCTA and enhancing the comprehensive influence of the ZGCTA, so as to help ZGCTA endeavor to develop.

According to the relevant provisions of ZGCTA's articles of association, the candidates of director units and the candidates of vice director units were voted and deliberated at the meeting. Through voting, 23 units such as Beijing Fangdi Institute of Economic Development, European Risk and Resilience Institute, INERIS DEVELOPPEMENT, Capital Institute of Science and Technology Development Strategy and Qinghai Academy of Social Sciences became the director units of ZGCTA; Deliberated by the Director-General Meeting, CCG, Springer Nature and Institutes of Science and Development, Chinese Academy of Sciences were elected as the vice director units.

Subsequently, ZGCTA members put forward suggestions and held discussions on the "ZGCTAs 2022 Work Plan". The representatives such as Wang Yue, Executive Secretary-General of  PanGoal Institution, Nenad D. Filipovic, Rector of University of Kragujevac, Serbia, Gan Chunhui, Vice president of Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences, Yang Rui, Vice President of China Institute of Reform and Development, Bi Haibin, Vice President of National Academy of Innovation Strategy, CAST, Liu Dongmei, Vice President of Chinese Academy of Science and technology for Development, Fu Yiming, Assistant to the President of China Research Institute of Information Security, and Ren Xinjian, CEO of Shanghai Hualue Think Tank Group put forward a number of constructive opinions and suggestions on the future development of the ZGCTA.

Finally, Zheng Huanmin delivered a closing speech. He sent his warm congratulations to the newly elected Vice Director-General Units and Director Units, and pointed out that with the joint discussion, joint contribution and sharing of member units, ZGCTA has a larger circle of friends, higher cooperation quality and better development prospects, which will make greater contributions to the domestic and international win-win cooperation and open and scientific system construction.