• Expert from the BJAST is Invited to Participate in the Courses of the UNESCO International Science and Technology Strategic Research and Training Center
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  • At the invitation of the "UNESCO International Center for Research and Training in Science and Technology" (CISTRAT), researcher Li Junkai, think tank expert and the director of the Center for International and Regional Cooperation, Beijing Academy of Science and Technology, participated in the training course of the CISTRATs 2021 "One Belt and One Road National Science and Technology Innovation Policy Research and Methods".

    The 2021 training was supported by the Ministry of Science and Technology and the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). It recruited 20 international students from Egypt and other countries and domestic students from 13 think tanks of the Ministry of Science and Technology. The training content involved scientific and technological policy issues such as international cooperation in anti epidemic. 15 experts including Zhang Wenhong, the anti-epidemic expert, were invited to give lectures in English. The online opening ceremony of the training course was held on September 27. Shahbaz Khan, the director of the UNESCO Beijing Office, delivered a speech in the form of a video. The relevant leaders of the International Cooperation Department of the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Institute of Strategy attended the opening ceremony.

    Li Junkai gave a report entitled "Features, Developments, and Practices of Chinas Policy System in International Science Cooperation", explaining the mechanism and practice of Chinas international science and technology cooperation, Beijing’s international science and technology cooperation policies and practices, and the epidemic new measures for international scientific and technological cooperation of the BJAST.

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