• The Voice of Think Tanks" series of lectures of the ZGC Global High-level Think Tank Alliance" and BJAST Lecture Hall are Successfully Concluded
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  • On 3rd of December, the 2021 "Think Tank Voice" series of lectures planned by the ZGC Global High-level Think Tank Alliance and BJAST lecture hall was held online. So far the event ended successfully.

    The lecture is a brand event planned by the secretariat of the ZGC Global High-level Think Tank Alliance to promote resource sharing and exchanges and cooperation among the members of the alliance. The 2021 "Voice of Think Tanks" series of lectures focused on "Innovation System Construction and International Cooperation in Science and Technology", in conjunction with the alliance governing units such as the Online Innovation Center of the Hebrew University of Israel, the Chinese Academy of Science and Technology for Development, the National Academy of Innovation Strategy, and the Capital Institute of Science and Technology Development Strategy. Relying on the resources of high-level experts from the think tank alliance at home and abroad, the lecture invited well-known experts and scholars in the fields of "Science and Technology Innovation" and "Innovation and Entrepreneurship" at home and abroad to analyze and interpret. A total of more than 1,000 people participated.

    The theme of the activity was clear. The lecture analyzed the whole chain from multiple angles around the theoretical and practical aspects of the construction of innovation system and international scientific and technological cooperation.


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