• BJAST held a Seminar on Beijing Ancient Observatory Protection and Utilization
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  • On November 22, the BJAST held a seminar on the protection and development of the Beijing Ancient Observatory, aiming to I promote the protection and utilization of the Beijing Ancient Observatory as a national key cultural relics protection unit and leverage its scientific and educational functions. The seminar was organized by the Beijing Plentarium and was conducted offline and online. Wu Jianmin, Deputy Secretary of the Leading Party Members’ Group and President of the BJAST, and Liu Ziliang, a head of the BJAST, attended the seminar. Zang Zhenyuan, Secretary of Party Branch Committee, Wang Xiaofeng, Director, and Qi Rui, Deputy Director of the Beijing Planetarium attended. The seminar was hosted by Wang Xiaofeng.

    The experts visited the observatory and listened to the relevant reports. At the seminar, Qi Rui introduced to the experts the historical evolution, role and contribution, development status, existing problems of the Beijing Ancient Observatory, as well as the proposals for the further protection and development. The experts at the meeting expressed their opinions on the historical and practical significance of the protection and development of the ancient observatory, the problems faced by the development of the ancient observatory and the solutions, and actively made suggestions.

    This seminar is an important measure taken by the BJAST to continuously strengthen the construction of science and technology think tanks and science popularization, and to implement the key tasks of supporting scientific decision-making and improving the scientific quality of the public. The BJAST will continue to build a national science popularization education base and a Beijing science popularization base based on the Beijing Planetarium, the Beijing Ancient Observatory and other science popularization venues, further promote the deep integration of science, technology and culture, and make greater contributions to improving the public's scientific illiteracy, integrating into the construction of the Beijing International Science and Technology Innovation Center, serving the development of the capital in the new era, and achieving independence in high-level science and technology.

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