• BJAST Received the a Team from Slovenia at the Beijing Ancient Observatory
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  • Since 2020, in order to promote friendly exchanges and cooperation between China and Slovenia, under the promotion of the Chinese Embassy in Slovenia, the Beijing Planetarium and the embassy have cooperated to launch the China-Slovenia Friendship Monument, and jointly produced a replica of the Jiheng Fuchen Instrument and donated it to the Slovenia.

    To promote the implementation of copying and donation work, on the January 19, Wu Jianmin, President of BJAST received Samuel Žbogar, State Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Slovenia, Alenka Suhadonik, Slovenian Ambassador, Tadeja Forstner Perklic, Deputy Director and Minister Plenipotentiary of the Slovenian Embassy in China and Matjaž Ingolič, Minister Plenipotentiary of the Slovenian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Matjaž Ingolič and others at the Beijing Ancient Observatory, and conducted exchange. Wang Xiaofeng, curator of Beijing Planetarium, presided over the meeting.

    At the meeting, Qi Rui, Deputy Curator of the Beijing Planetarium, firstly introduced the progress of the 1:1 reproduction project of the Jiheng Fuchen Instrument to the guests. Afterwards, the two sides exchanged views on future cooperation issues such as the reproduction of Jiheng Fuchen Instrument, Liu Songling's related research and exhibition. Žbogar said that the Jiheng Fuchen Instrument is an important achievement of bilateral scientific and technological exchanges between China and Slovenia, and an important historical witness of the long-term friendship between the two countries. It is sincerely hoped to continue to strengthen cooperation with China in the fields of science, technology and culture represented by Liu Songling's research and exhibitions, and continue to write a new chapter in the friendly relations between China and Slovenia.

    Wu pointed out that the BJAST and the Beijing Planetarium have attached great importance to the reproduction project of the Jiheng Fuchen Instrument, actively promoted the progress of the project implementation, and assigned a skilled and experienced professional team to take charge of the relevant work. It is expected that the project will be successfully completed within this year. This year coincides with the 320th anniversary of the birth of Slovenian missionary Liu Songling. At such an important historical time point, the Jiheng Fuchen Instrument Replica Project is of great significance in enhancing the friendly relationship.


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