• Wu Jianmin, President of the BJAST Led a Team to Beijing Huanwei for Investigation
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  • On January 17, Wu Jianmin, Deputy Secretary of the leading party members’ group and President of the BJAST, led a team to Beijing Huanwei for investigation, and had a discussion with He Liang, Deputy Secretary of the party committee and general manager of the Group.  Liu Kai, Deputy General Manager of the Group and Wei Panming, General Manager Assistant attended the meeting.

    In addition to the corporation’s development, Wu Jianmin learnt about the Beijing Huanwei's work in waste disposal and smart operation, and listened to the introduction of industry-leading technologies such as waste incineration power generation, prevention and control of groundwater pollution systems at landfill sites and enhanced restoration, and their applications.

     At the meeting, the two sides conducted in-depth exchanges on the ideas and plans for the next step of cooperation between the two parties. Wu expressed his gratitude to Beijing Huanwei for its warm reception. Regarding the cooperation between the two sides, he suggested that the two parties establish a collaborative matching working mechanism, and strengthen cooperation in aspects including jointly building a research and development innovation platform, expanding the application scenarios of new technologies, new methods and new processes, carrying out talent exchanges and cooperation, applying for national and Beijing Science and technology planning projects, and promoting science popularization, aiming to make greater contributions to the construction of Beijing International Science and Technology Innovation Center and the promotion of the development of the capital in the new era.

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