• The BJAST Held a Meeting with Jianke Public Facilities Operation Management Co., Ltd.
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  • On February 9, Liu Peng, the Deputy General Manager of China Construction Technology Group Jianke Public Facilities Operation Management Co., Ltd., led a team to carry out research and exchange with the BJAST on green, low-carbon, smart operation and maintenance.

    Liu Peng introduced the development overview and representative achievements, especially the advantages and application prospects of key technologies in the fields of zero carbonization of building energy, low carbonization of building materials, intelligent operation and maintenance, systematization of carbon emission data, and green and low carbon standardization.

    Zhu Wei focused on the development of our scientific research work and the development layout in new energy, ecological environment and other fields in recent years. The institutes focused on the research progress, achievements and applications of related topics from the aspects of building low-carbon heating (cooling) and regulation optimization, pollution prevention and comprehensive treatment, carbon emissions and so on. At the same time, the two sides also discussed and exchanged views on the hot issues in their respective research businesses.

    This meeting has promoted the expansion and integration of our research on energy system and ecological environment into the fields of green, low-carbon, intelligent, operation and maintenance management of buildings. The BJAST will continue to enhance mutual communication, collaborative support and cooperative development with the national innovation platform.


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