• Vice President Wei Wanshun Led a Team to Study the Large-scale Ground Source Heat Pump System in the Sub-center of Beijing
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  • On March 15, Wei Wanshun, member of the Leading Party Members’ group and Vice President of the BJAST, led a team to study the large-scale ground source heat pump system in the sub-center of Beijing, and participated in exchanges with relevant participants of the Key Laboratory of Shallow Geothermal Energy of the Ministry of Natural Resources, Beijing Huaqing Geothermal Development Group Co., Ltd., Beijing Institute of Nano Energy and System of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Beijing Beitou Ecological Environment Co., Ltd.

    Wei Wanshun visited the geothermal heating and cooling heat pump system project and learned about the relevant work in detail. He pointed out in his concluding speech that it is necessary to seriously study the heat pump engineering experience of Huaqing Group, give full play to the advantages of the BJAST's multi-disciplinary and wide range of disciplines, explore its own characteristics, strengthen the construction of scientific research teams in combination with projects, and further form and strengthen the core competitiveness of the academy.

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