Global Science and Technology Innovation Think Tank Forum of 2020 ZGC Forum

As the parallel forum of ZGC Forum, Global Science and Technology Innovation Think Tank Forum of 2020 ZGC Forum is the only High-Level Think Tank Forum, which is co-sponsored by Beijing Academy of Science and Technology, Chinese Academy of Science and Technology for Development, Institutes of Science and Development of Chinese Academy of Sciences, National Academy of Innovation Strategy, Institute for National Governance and Global Governance of Tsinghua University, China Internet Information Center and Qianlong Think Tank and co-organized by Beijing S&T Decision-making Consultant Center(BJAST Think-Tank) and Beijing Exchange Center of Science and Technology.

The forum is themed on "Gathering Global Wisdom to Lead Technological Innovation: the Voice of Global High Level Think Tanks" and adopts "Online + offline" mode. The guests within China will attend the conference offline, and all the audience will watch the conference in real time through the live broadcast platform.

We invite famous experts at home and abroad to deliver keynote speeches and participate in High-Level Dialogues. Speakers will focus on the following topics: The trend of global scientific and technological innovation, Global industrial collaboration and smart economy, The Belt and Road Initiative and international technological cooperation, Technological innovation and modern city governance.

Our website is: https://www.bjast.ac.cn/Html/List/list328.html