• President Wu Jianmin Attended the "2023 Capital Science New Year Forum"
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  • On February 12, the "2023 Capital Science New Year Forum" was held in Beijing with the theme of "Exploring the Urban Innovation Model of Chinese Path to Modernization". The forum was sponsored by the Capital Institute of Science and Technology Development Strategy (CISTDS), jointly organized by the Research Center for City and Competitiveness of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and the Institute of Innovation and Development of Beijing Normal University, and co-sponsored by the Beijing Foundation Town. Guan Chenghua, President of the CISTDS, presided over the forum, and Wu Jianmin, Deputy Secretary of the leading party members’ group and President of the BJAST, attended the forum and delivered a speech.

    This forum invited experts from all walks of life and the media to conduct in-depth discussions around "Exploring the Urban Innovation Model of Chinese Path to Modernization ".

    At this forum, Guan Chenghua and Wu Jianmin jointly unveiled the "Science and Technology Achievements Transformation Center” of the CISTDS. The Center will provide professional and efficient services for relevant scientific research institutions, enterprises, financial institutions and governments, promote the transformation and landing of energy and material technology by holding a political, industrial, research and investment forum, carrying out industrial research and industry-university-research matching services, focusing on integrating technology supply side, industry demand side, financial institutions and government resources.


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