Beijing Academy of Science and Technology (BJAST)
Date:2021-03-09 17:41


Beijing Academy of Science and Technology (BJAST), the only large high-level multidisciplinary scientific research institution directly under the Beijing Municipal government, with the mission to build a world-class harmonious livable capital, and the development strategy of "building a strong academy by innovation, openness, talents and service", and positioning itself by focusing on applied basic research, strategic high-tech research, major public good research, as well as scientific and technological service for development, makes great efforts to become the powerhouse and pioneer in developing a national scientific and technological innovation center and facilitating Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei integrated development.

Beijing Academy of Science and Technology was established in 1984 when the reform of the scientific and technological system was just started. Through arduous efforts of BJAST people from generation to generation, BJAST has developed into an scientific research institution with 28 secondary institutions totaling over 5000 people, covering six priority areas including urban safety and governance, urban environment and eco-protection, top and sophisticated technology, bio-medicine and nutrition health, scientific and technological innovation think tanks, science popularization and cultural communication.

Based on the strategic positioning of Beijing as “four-centers”, BJAST closely matches the  demand for the development of a national scientific and technological innovation center, with the aim to further executing the innovation-driven development strategy, and in an increased effort to implement new scientific and technological innovation projects, leading projects of commercialization of scientific and technological results, talent development projects, and projects for developing scientific and technological conditions. BJAST has built a scientific and technological innovation platform by taking key laboratories as the core, and forged new open and shared operation mechanisms; BJAST has built a new scientific and technological think-tank with the features of BJAST, serving the innovative development of the capital, and playing a role in serving the Party and government’s scientific decision-making; BJAST is strengthening applied research , high-tech research and major science and technology breakthrough efforts, so as to improve the scientific research and development and independent innovation capacity, and  to develop leading competitive advantages; BJAST insists on concurrent development of scientific research and industrial advance in order to facilitate the commercialization of major scientific and technological  results , and the incubation  of a batch of excellent high-tech companies; BJAST adheres to the people first approach to bringing about  the innovative spirit, and pooling together dynamic and innovative talents, as well as cultivating a group of outstanding academic leaders and scientific and technological pillar talents; BJAST insists on managing the Academy by openness, with its focus on global high-end innovation elements, and has built a scientific and technological innovation system with multi-dimensional interconnectivity and interaction among “government, industry, academia, research and users, and with coordinated development.

Looking to the future, BJAST will pay greater attention to the new drive of innovation, constantly deepening reform, guiding and motivating various innovation entities and vast number of science and technology professionals  to take hard work as virtue , and pay tribute to action, so as to translate the abundant science and technology innovation results into a tremendous force in building a world-class harmonious livable capital, thus making new and bigger contribution to the development of a national scientific and technological innovation center, promoting the integrated development in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region and building a scientific and technological powerhouse.


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